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The UWS Knowledge Transfer Partnership Centre

The UWS Knowledge Transfer Partnership Centre

Written by University of the West of Scotland KTP Centre Team

We hope that you have enjoyed this blog series on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, thank you to Productivity Club Scotland for the opportunity to highlight KTP and three great companies that have all had multiple KTP projects with University of the West of Scotland; ACS Clothing, Consult Lift Services and FIDO Tech. We would like to leave you with more information about the UWS KTP Centre, please feel free to get in touch with us at ktp@uws.ac.uk 


At the University of the West of Scotland our motto is Dream, Believe, Achieve. Over the last 5 years the UWS KTP Centre has supported over 50 businesses secure Innovate UK funding in excess of £12,000,000. Over 80% of completed projects have achieved or exceed the original objectives and several have gone on to win international awards –  Forres based company Phoenix Instinct won the Toyota Mobility Foundation Global Mobility Unlimited Challenge after developing the first ever ultra-lightweight smart wheelchair, beating nearly 100 applicants from around the world and securing $1,500,000 in prize funding. 


The UWS KTP Centre is a one-stop shop for all things KTP. We support businesses throughout the submission process from ideation to bid development and post award project administration, with a 90% bid success rate over the last 5 years. Having a dedicated team means that we can concentrate our efforts in supporting our businesses develop strategic partnerships with UWS which continue beyond the life of the KTP project – many pursue follow on KTPs with us, recruit our students, engage in further research and consultancy as well as receive support from our CPD, Graduate Apprenticeship and business support teams. 


In just over the space of a year the UWS KTP Centre has won the award for Knowledge Exchange Excellence at the CeeD Awards 2022, Best Knowledge Base KTP Support Team at the UK national KTP Awards 2022 and most recently the Knowledge Exchange Heroes Award at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2023. When it comes to KTP, the University of the West of Scotland is one of the top ranked universities across whole of the UK. To find out more please visit: https://uws.ac.uk/ktp 


Interested in Knowledge Transfer Partnership?  

To find out more please visit: https://www.ktp-uk.org/business/ 

If you know which institution you would like to partner with, then you should approach them directly. If not, the UWS KTP Centre team would be delighted to help identify suitable partners for your business or answer any questions you may have: ktp@uws.ac.uk 

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