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Productivity Talks… December in Glasgow review

Productivity Talks… December in Glasgow review

The last meeting of 2019 was held in Touchbase at Sense Scotland and featured three very interesting case studies about how organisations managed changes within their business and the positive results.

R&W Scott

The first case study talked about the challenges of a management buyout and the need to simultaneously build the digital systems needed but which had previously been provided by the corporate parent. This case study focussed on the assistance they had received from the Digital Development Loan and highlighted the benefits of working with local IT providers.  

Volunteer Scotland

The second case was from Volunteer Scotland who have made use of interns from DataLab to improve their website analytics which has increased the conversion rate on their website by around 50%. We also noted how they used Google Tag Manager, a free tool that allows you manage and deploy marketing tags on your websites (or mobile app) without having to modify the code 

BiP Solutions

The last case study focused on the company’s ambition growth plans and how they are changing how they look at product development to create new offerings.

There were lots of questions for the speakers and there was discussion from delegates on the importance of treating digital implementation as a change process and making sure that employees buy in as well as the challenges of working out how best to do this.

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