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Productivity Insight: 5 reasons to why employing young people

Productivity Insight: 5 reasons to why employing young people

5 reasons why employing young people can benefit your business

If you’re looking to recruit within your business, it’s important to interview different types of candidates to see who is the best fit for your organisation. At Dumfries and Galloway College, we build great relationships with young people, seeing them learn and gain their qualifications with us and we recognise how young people are working hard to prepare themselves for the workplace. Here’s why we think young people would make a great addition to any workforce.

Their positive attitude
Young people are keen to learn and find their place in the world of work, their attitude towards learning new skills is admirable, along with their ability to soak up knowledge because they’re still in the mindset of education. This makes them a great influence to have in the office – their morale rubs off on other employees. Young people also tend to have fewer substantial commitments outside of work and furthering their career is an important focus to them.

Digital Skills
Young people have grown up with technology and their ability to learn new digital skills is second to none. Looking to implement new digital resources and procedures in your organisation to streamline work? Look no further than a bright-eyed, motivated and digital savvy young person, who can also train your existing employees how to use this technology. Empowering young people to train others in digital skills will not only improve your business, but make your new employee feel valued in their role.

A fresh set of eyes
Bringing any new employee into your organisation offers the chance of an outside perspective to shake things up a bit, but young people in particular have SMART working down to a tee, working smarter rather than harder. They know how to get the results in a streamlined way, making processes efficient and effective, stripping out the fat on lengthy procedures and getting to the nitty gritty of what needs to be done.

Targeting millennials and gen-z
Want to know how the minds of young people today work? Hire one and ask them! Young people are often mispresented in the media and in the workplace and if you’re trying to target young people in your business, there’s no better way to tap into their minds than by having one as an employee. Find out what young people really want to see from your business and what they expect.

Customer service levels
Growing up with technology at their fingertips, young people expect information to be on demand 24/7 on a range of different platforms – and they also bring this customer service level to their work because they see it as the norm and what is an expected level of service in their eyes. This brings a whole new perspective to organisations and their morale and work ethic can change the whole dynamic of an office or any work environment. Older employees can feel the need to keep up and offer the same service, catching onto their fresh way of thinking, thus improving service levels all round.

It goes without saying that these are just five of the many reasons why young people make great employees and at the college we witness the supreme talent, hard work and dedication that young people put into their future careers every day.

Our lecturers are seeing emerging talent on a daily basis and with young people moving into the workforce, the future is looking bright!
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This article was written by the Dumfries and Galloway College.

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