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How Can We Help?

"The Scottish Government are committed to sustainable economic growth in Scotland and have laid out several measures to support businesses to prosper."

The Club is open to businesses of all sizes across all sectors. During this initial pilot period the Club’s events, visits and live networking will take place mainly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We aim to engage with all businesses throughout this pilot to gain information on the achievement of the projects aims and impact on business activities.

Clubs and their related activities are free to access.


Productivity Club is designed to benefit your organisation in several ways:

The Club will also provide you with access to live events, online resources, networking and annual conference.

Understanding operational challenges and solutions from all sectors

Introductions to other similar businesses

Meeting and networking with leaders and managers

Gaining insights from business leaders from businesses of all sizes

Visiting business premises and innovative buildings with demonstrations of their operations

Accessing information on funding and support available

Discussions regarding growth opportunities and a forum to seek opinions from others

Learning from real life examples of other's success

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