The Productivity Club invites you to participate in a range of live meetings and join with other members for support, discussion and networking.

You can join here.

Productivity Talks

The aim of productivity talks is to provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss challenges and potential solutions, reflect on their own approach and understand the views of others. These half day events are designed to be interactive with group discussions and panel sessions.

Behind the Scenes

The aim of the behind the scenes series of events is to showcase member’s workplaces and practices to inspire attendees to consider their environment, processes or layout.

Productivity Matters Annual Conference

The aim of the conference is to provide delegates with a range of expert views, advice and guidance from leaders with relevant experience in increasing productivity.

For details of the 2021 conference programme, visit

All Productivity Club Scotland events will be held on line for the next few months.  We look forward to meeting you all at a live event again soon when it is safe to do so.

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