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A KTP Case Study: FIDO Tech

A KTP Case Study: FIDO Tech

Written by University of the West of Scotland KTP Centre Team

We previously highlighted local companies that have two Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) with the University of the West of Scotland: ACS Clothing and Consult Lift Services. Now, let’s introduce FIDO Tech based in Oxfordshire, another company that had two KTP projects with UWS. 


FIDO Tech is the creator of FIDO AI, the world’s only all-in-one tech that detects, sizes, locates, and helps to prevent water leaks. The first KTP with the company is with our School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences, it started in 2020 and set out to save millions of litres of water lost from underground leaks. A cloud-based solution was designed to accurately detect the location of hidden leaks (90% of underground pipe leaks never show above ground), allowing water utility companies to source leaks more efficiently than ever before. FIDO Cloud Correlation provides a simple and effective processing method, using artificial intelligence, to accurately detect the location of leaks within seconds.  


“With the support of UWS to create Cloud Correlation, we have now combined our AI-enabled leak detection and sizing with the power of cloud computing to give engineers exact leak location in the field. This further eliminates human input, and therefore error, from the leak process freeing up skilled human talent for more complex tasks like pressure management and investigation, where it has more value.” – Victoria Edwards, CEO, FIDO Tech 


The pioneering system uses small sensors that attach magnetically to pipes and record simultaneous acoustic samples that are uploaded to the cloud system using a simple, user-friendly smartphone app for automatic signal processing. The exact results of the leak’s location between the two sensors are received within seconds. 


“This is a ground-breaking system that not only helps to streamline processes for water utility companies, it also contributes directly to UWS’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainability Goals.” – Professor Milan Radosavljevic, Vice-Principal of Research, Innovation and Engagement at UWS 


This KTP project was completed on the 16th of June 2023 and we are now eagerly awaiting the final grade from Innovate UK. Earlier in the month the KTP team received a Commendation in the Outstanding Research Project of the Year category at The Herald Higher Education Awards 2023. 


“UWS’s KTP programme continues to blaze a trail in terms of innovation. The outcomes of this project will increase access to clean drinking water and sanitation, contributing significantly to addressing sustainability aims globally and helping cities, even in developed nations, avoid the threat of Day Zero.” – Muhammad Zeeshan Shakir, of UWS’s School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences 


FIDO Tech began its second KTP project with UWS in 2022, a Management KTP is with our School of Business and Creative Industries. The aim of this project is to enhance management capabilities as well as implement organisational and cultural change within the business. This will transition FIDO Tech from a research and development-focused technology company to an established professional services business within the water industry. 


Interested in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?  

To find out more please visit: https://www.ktp-uk.org/business/    

You should approach them directly if you know which institution you would like to partner with. If not, the UWS KTP Centre team would be delighted to help identify suitable partners for your business or answer any questions you may have: ktp@uws.ac.uk 


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