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Productivity Club Scotland is a pilot project designed to strengthen networking and peer to peer knowledge sharing for businesses, across all sectors. It is driven by organisations that are passionate about business growth who will support one another to focus on productivity within their organisations.

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Throughout the pilot, Productivity Club Scotland aims to support businesses who want to improve their own performance and share their advice and experiences to help others do the same. Collaborate with like-minded professionals from organisations large and small to understand how others are addressing business challenges. The Club meetings focus on:

  • Leadership and management
  • Employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Organisational culture
  • Utilising data and technology
  • Exporting¬†
  • Investment and funding
  • Collaboration

There is no charge to join and related activities are free.

During the pilot, our main activities will be located in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our member website, which is open to all, will offer useful resources, provide options and ideas that you can consider for your business as well as information on the available support to make it happen.

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Productivity Club is designed to benefit your organisation in several ways:

The Club will also provide you with access to live events, online resources, networking and annual conference.

Understanding operational challenges and solutions from all sectors

Introductions to other similar businesses

Meeting and networking with leaders and managers

Gaining insights from business leaders from businesses of all sizes

Visiting business premises and innovative buildings with demonstrations of their operations

Accessing information on funding and support available

Discussions regarding growth opportunities and a forum to seek opinions from others

Learning from real life examples of other's success

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